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PL-02 *


  PL-02: System Security Plan  

base control objective:
The organization:
a. Develops a security plan for the information system that: - Is consistent with the organization’s enterprise architecture; - Explicitly defines the authorization boundary for the system; - Describes the operational context of the information system in terms of missions and business processes; - Provides the security categorization of the information system including supporting rationale; - Describes the operational environment for the information system; - Describes relationships with or connections to other information systems; - Provides an overview of the security requirements for the system; - Describes the security controls in place or planned for meeting those requirements including a rationale for the tailoring and supplementation decisions; and - Is reviewed and approved by the authorizing official or authorizing official designated representative prior to plan implementation.
b. Reviews the security plan for the information system [Assignment: organization-defined frequency]; and
c. Updates the plan to address changes to the information system/environment of operation or problems identified during plan implementation or security control assessments.

supplemental objective information:
The security plan contains sufficient information (including specification of parameters for assignment and selection statements in security controls either explicitly or by reference) to enable an implementation that is unambiguously compliant with the intent of the plan and a subsequent determination of risk to organizational operations and assets, individuals, other organizations, and the Nation if the plan is implemented as intended. Security plans are reviewed and approved by authorizing officials or authorizing official designated representatives prior to implementation as part of an organizational risk management strategy.

enhancements to the base objective:

(1) The organization:
(a) Develops a security Concept of Operations (CONOPS) for the information system containing, at a minimum:
(i) the purpose of the system;
(ii) a description of the system architecture;
(iii) the security authorization schedule; and
(iv) the security categorization and associated factors considered in determining the categorization.
(b) Reviews and updates the CONOPS [Assignment: organization-defined frequency].
Enhancement Supplemental Guidance: The security CONOPS may be included in the security plan for the information system.

(2) The organization develops a functional architecture for the information system that identifies and maintains:
(a) All external interfaces, the information being exchanged across the interfaces, and the protection mechanisms associated with each interface;
(b) User roles and the access privileges assigned to each role;
(c) Unique security requirements;
(d) Categories of sensitive information processed, stored, or transmitted by the information system and any specific protection needs in accordance with applicable federal laws, Executive Orders, directives, policies, regulations, standards, and guidance; and
(e) Restoration priority of information or information system services.
Enhancement Supplemental Guidance: Unique security requirements for the information system include, for example, encryption of key data elements at rest. Specific protection needs for the information system include, for example, the Privacy Act and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

mapping to FIPS199 baseline:

  LOW: base     MOD: base     HIGH: base  

related (regimented) controls:

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